Pre-Moving and Moving Day Checklist


  • Print and check off to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  •  Change address for utility companies
  • .Keep a necessity bag for checkbook, reading/sun glasses, medicine, keys etc
  • If packing your own boxes, make sure they labeled correctly (hint: it is easier for the movers to find the "pink room” as opposed to "Tina’s room”
  • Try and pack/stack boxes in one room so there is less clutter for the movers to manuever
  • We recommend taking plants and computer in your personal vehicle, as they do not travel well
  • Freezers/refrigerator items should be removed into a cooler so there is less risk of damage
  • All dressers, end table, desk, etc must be cleared off completely
  • Please advise us if there are any "oversized” items or furniture that requires special tools
  • All boxes must be able to close (no loose stuff sticking out)Leave out cleaning supplies needed for after the move
  • We recommend taking fragile boxes like fine china or expensive knick knacks in your vehicle
  • We cannot haul hazardous material (propanes tanks should be disconnected and taken in vehicle)



  • We know its difficult, but try to stay relaxed as possible since moving is a stressful process for everyone.
  • Make sure the moving truck can get as close to the residence as possible (if we cannot park on the driveway, please let us know ahead of time)
  • Make sure there is someone available to direct the movers
  • Make sure any animals are put in a secure place, we may need to prop doors open
  • If you are able to, and want to save time and money, you can disassemble beds and mirrors from dressers, picture off the wall and wrapped
  • Unplugged all appliances and water hook ups