Tip Sheet

Family First Moving, Inc. Tips Sheet

For a successful move, we recommend that:

  • All packing should be finished prior to the move. All boxes should be marked and heavy boxes taped at the bottom.
  • All furniture is cleared (dresser drawers may stay filled; breakables should be removed).
  • Beds taken apart and mirrors removed from the dressers (unless you have arranged for us to do that). 

Note: We CANNOT hook or unhook large appliances. Customers are responsible for prepping appliances. We will move them "as is”. 

  • Waterbeds need to be emptied
  • A person should be available for questions as to where items are to be placed.
  • Items not covered by insurance include: cash, jewelry, stocks, securities, fine art, glass and mirrors and particle board. These items as well as computers should be taken in your personal vehicle.
  • Keep a necessity bag: including toiletries, eyeglasses, medications, alarm clock, paper products, checkbooks, etc. Get cooler with ice or make arrangements for cold food items. Refrigerators and freezers cannot be moved full.
  • Make sure pets are secured
We are looking forward to providing you with a successful move. See you on moving day!!
 *** Family First Moving does uphold a Non-Refundable Deposit Policy For Cancellations. If you need to change the date, the deposit is transferable